Thursday, March 22, 2012

He was my class mate in school

He was my classmate in school and by chance he became my university class fellow as well.. this chubby and heavy weight guy was always getting teased by me in school.. but i left that habit in university.. (to a great extent..) hahaha..

So, one day when I fell asleep.. mi ne motey ko khuwab mi dekha..

He was right there in the university garden.. I was in the gallery ( the first floor) of my department from where the garden is quite visible.. I saw dat fat guy in red bridal dress.. with heavy jewelry of golden color which was gleaming in the sunlyt.. he was running about in the garden alone.. hiding behind the trees.. kis se?? I dun know that..

Then the scene changes and i was going to a canteen in the corridor.. that is called the staff canteen.. but neways.. when i went inside.. i saw dat fat class fellow again.. this time he was wearing a red saree and his stomach was coming out (he was still wearing a lot of jewelry).. we saw each other.. i got surprised, he got worried.. and he shaked with ghabrahat and chutkee baja ker he disappeared!!!!


And my dream was over.. and i woke up laughing like mad.. man it was so hilarious.. before dat.. mi nend mi kabhi ni hansi ti..!!! i wanted to tell this dream to that guy but couldn't.. may be he will read it here and laugh.. After all it's not his mistake.. neither mine.. Jux a hilarious dream..!!!!